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Thank you for your interest in making Wayne County a healthier place to live, work, and play. The programs and partners featured on this site focus on healthy eating habits and physical activities. Remember, in order to enjoy your life, you have to take care of yourself.


Creating Healthy Places to Live, Work and Play

Thanksgiving is almost here and is a great time to enjoy some physical activity with family and friends in Wayne County!  Check out the Trail Works, Inc website at www.trailworks.org for information on Wayne County trails.  After filling up on turkey and stuffing, take everyone out for a hike on one of our counties beautiful trails.  The trails are located throughout the county and maintained by Trail Works volunteers.  You can also pick up a Passport for Family Wellness which highlights 16 trails in Wayne County.  You can pick up the Passport from Wegmans or the Cornell Cooperative Office.  Once you complete all the trails, you can enter to win a $100 gift card from Wegmans. 

If you have lots of children coming to your house for the holidays, remember that all Wayne County School playgrounds are open from Dusk till Dawn for their enjoyment.  Playing with your kids is a great way for adults to burn off those extra calories from all those holiday parties.  Children need at least 60 minutes of rigorous physical activity a day so make sure they get moving over their school vacations!! 

Remember to make half your holiday plate fruits and vegetables!!!  Hope you all enjoy the holidays!!


Residents of Arcadia and Lyons Get Up and Get Out and Enjoy the Finished Trail!

The Canal Trail from the Town of Arcadia to the Town of Lyons is officially open!  It was a beautiful October day for the ribbon cutting ceremony with over 300 people in attendance.  The 4th grade students, teachers and parent volunteers walked a portion of the Canal Trail and then were bused to the ribbon cutting ceremony.  Ryan Mulhern and Lisa O'Dell from Wayne County Public Health spoke to the students about bicycle safety and Mark DeCracker, Roger Straub, and Peter Evans talked about the history of the canal to the students.  The Village of Newark provided T-shirts for all the students and staff so it was a spectacular site when they all came walking down the trail.  Apple Shed provided apples, cider and salad for the students and other guests.  Nana's restaurant made and packed the sandwiches for the students' lunches.  Newark School Food Service Department provided the chips and carrots for them also.  The students were attentive listeners and very well mannered throughout the ceremony.  Kudos to the 4th grade teachers and Principal Prinzi for organizing and preparing the students.  They should be very proud of how well the students represented the school district. 

If the students walk the trail with their families and stop and take a picture by our Creating Healthy Places sign, they can bring that picture to our CCE office at 1581 State Route 88N, Newark, NY and we will give each family member a trail pack.  Hope to see you all at the office!  We will be posting pictures soon! 

Supervisor Colacino provided a wonderful meal for all the dignitaries.  It was great to see all the Town Supervisors that came to support the Lyons and Arcadia supervisors on this beautiful day.  Supervisor Colacino gave an inspiring speech and dedicated a bench to a town councilman that has since passed but was a supporter of the trail project. 

For other great trails to bike or hike on in Wayne County visit www.trailworks.org .



CATCH Training for 21st Century Afterschool Staff!

CATCH is a Coordinated Approach to Children's Health and provides physical activity and nutrition curriculums for afterschool programs.  Kim Gardner and Sandi Bastedo became certified trainers in the CATCH curriculum this past March.  The 21st century staff from Lyons and Clyde were the first to be trained in the CATCH curriculum by them.  The focus is to have all students moving for at least 30 minutes each day and learn about eating healthy in afterschool programs.  If your student is planning on attending the Lyons or Clyde 21st Century programs, hopefully you will hear them talk about Go, Slow, and Whoa foods and how much fun they had playing new games!


Bike and Hike at Wayne County Farmers' Markets!

Thanks to all who participated in the Bike and Hike event at the farmers' markets!!  389 people hiked or biked at Clyde, Sodus, Wolcott or Newark Farmers' Markets.  $778 worth of coupons were redeemed for fresh, locally grown produce from the markets' vendors.  We hope you are all using the cool fruit buddies you received for participating and also are enjoying the fresh produce you purchased with your coupons.  Remember to visit your markets weekly and eat fruits and veggies everyday! 



CHP is collaborating with Sodus Wellness Committee, Safe Schools/Healthy Students and the Sodus Central School District on many initiatives. 

The school district has permitted the Wellness Committee (PEP Grant) and the Safe Schools/Healthy Students staff to start a community garden next to the elementary school.  The community Garden Club is also on board to assist with care especially during school breaks.  The garden is blooming with great vegetables thanks to the community, staff and students dedicated to the upkeep of the garden.  If you would like to help with the garden, contact Nicole Seiler at the Sodus Central School.   

The Wellness Committe is also working on opening up the high school facilities for walking in the fall.  The Walk a Doc program at the Sodus Farmers' Market was allowed to walk in the school over the winter.  The Wellness Committee in collaboration with CHP would like the school to open weeknights for walking by the community.  Watch our website for more details as they happen.

Complete Streets

Macedon and Lyons were the latest communities to host a Complete Streets Workshop facilitated by Justin Booth from GobikeBuffalo.  The communities were educated on the components of Complete Streets and participated in a walkability assessment of their communities.  Each received a report from Booth that can be used when applying for transportation grants and for creating Complete Street Policies for the village and towns to adopt.  Complete Street Policies ensure that future construction or transportation projects make streets accessible for people of all abilities and ages to bike, walk, or drive.  If you would like more information on Complete Streets or how to host a workshop, contact Sandi Bastedo at 315-331-8415 or email at sb932@cornell.edu .

Restaurant Project

CHP is collaborating with Captain Jack's Good Time Tavern to bring Wayne County healthier options when eating out.  Captain Jack's will be purchasing two salad bars to help promote making half your plate fruits and vegetables.  The new menu will be coming out soon with salad bar options as a side or an entree for both adults and children.    












Featured Partner: Newark Central School District - Click Here to learn more about the Healthy Schools initiative at one of our local schools.


Events and information contained here are sponsored & funded by a grant of the NY State Department of Health. The goals of the grant are to increase opportunities for physical activity and to increase access and consumption of healthy foods in our target communities. This Community Project is a state-wide initiative funded by the NY State Department of Health. Our collective goal is to prevent obesity and type-2 diabetes by making it easier to be physically active and eat healthy foods.

Some of our objectives to reach our goals are as follows:

  • Plan, Plant, Maintain and Harvest Community Gardens

  • Establish and promote the use of Farmers' Markets and implement innovative strategies to increase access to healthy foods 

  • Establish policies that allow use of public schools and facilities during non-school hours for physical activity; healthy lifestyle educational opportunities; and promote use by community members

  • Develop transportation policies and environmental changes to ensure streets are safe, accessible, and convenient for all users of the roadway.

  • Establish or improve and promote use of neighborhood or community trails

  • Add and promote healthier menu options in local restaurants

In Wayne County, Cornell Cooperative Extension and their partners are working to ensure that all communities promote healthy eating and physical activity. We are creating policy, systems, and environmental changes in our communities to increase access to healthy foods and improve opportunities for physical acivity by helping create communities where physical activity opportunities are safe and accessible, inviting, and commonplace, and where healthy food is readily available.

Site Sponsored by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Wayne County - Creating Healthy Places Community Project. A grant funded by the NYS Department of Health.This website is intended to be a resource for community members and organizations that want to create healthy, active living environments. The information provided is intended to keep you current on what it means to Create Healthy Places to Live, Work and Play in Wayne County, NY.

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